Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari

All about the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari

Trip Highlights

  • Birds Paradise with the 290 species of birds
  • Fishing Acitivities
  • Best Bird Watching Experience
  • Land Mammals and plethora of vegetation

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is best known as bird watching paradise and is in the way of becoming best bird watching site in Asia.  In addition, this reserve contains several water-holes and marshes making it the fine bird area. Koshi Tappu Reserve was established to provide the safe habitat to wild water buffaloes. Reserve provides you with the once in a lifetime chance to observe colorful birds like Watercock, Dusky Eagleowl, Black fish eagle, Common golden eye and Gulbilled tern. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari of Duke Nepal will take you to this amazing course of wandering mammals and birds.

The natural formation of barrage, mudflats, reed bed and fresh water marshes attracts variety of birds to the Koshi Tappu Reserve. Similarly, to meet your demand of seeing glamorous animals, Koshi tappu welcomes you with Asian elephant, spotted deer, Hog deer, Wild pig and Golden Jackal. The main mammal of the reserve is Asian Water Buffalo; Arna with the population of 150.  Furthermore, the reserve will also welcome you with plethora of fauna as reserve is the home to Sisau, Khair, Kapok, Sugarcane, Reed, Cattail, Imperata cylindrical, Ealgrass, Azolla and lotus.

Koshi Tappu Reserve offers fascinating experience of nature in its purest form. Enchanting and singing birds, plenty of Greenland and peculiar view of mammals is something to look for at Koshi Tappu Reserve. The reserve also is the habitat of snakes species, Gharial crocodile, etc,

How to reach Koshi Tappu Reserve?

By Air ( 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu – Biratnagar)

You can reach Koshi Tappu Reserve via Air. Regular flights from Kathmandu to Biratnagar are available. You have to drive for one hour to reach the camp inside the reserve. Duke Nepal representative will greet you at the aiport.

By Surface

The reserve is 12 hours’ drive from Kathmandu (500km). Long drives are uncomfortable and we want our guest to make the most out of their stay in Nepal. So, you can visit Chitwan on route to observe more exotic and large mammals. Two night stay at Chitwan and driving to Reserve is the best way to experience wildlife fully.

When to visit?

The best time to plan the vacation to the reserve is from October to May. The cooler weather( 22-29 degree) in this time and the winter bird migration can be witnessed best at this time. Similarly, Koshi Tappu Reserve is the best destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. Reserve provides you with the chance to behold the some of the fascination of nature.

Note: The Koshi Tappu offers guided jungle walk activities as safari activity. Koshi Tappu Reserve offers fascinating experience of nature in its purest form. Enchanting and singing birds, plenty of Greenland and exotic view of mammals is something to look for at Koshi Tappu Reserve.

Major Attraction of Koshi Tappu Widlife Reserve

  • Koshi Tappu Widlife Reserve is alluring bird paradise.
  • Reserve is the home to wild buffaloes with the population of 150 in the reserve.
  • Exotic birds like Black-necked Stork, greater Adjutant Stork, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Baer’s Pochard, red-necked Falcon, Bengal Florican, etc
  • Reserve is accessible by land and by air.
  • Activities like Tiger Tracking, Elephant Tracking, Nature walk, Jeep Safari, Dolphin Sightseeing, etc are available.
  • 20 species of ducks in the park.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Safari

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a protected area which lies at eastern part of Terai. The reserve covers total area of 175 square km. The reserve touches three districts namely; Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur. The park was established in 1976 and was designated in December 1987.

Koshi Tappu is one of the most amazing natural wander of south East Asia and is popular as bird watcher’s paradise. The park was mainly established to protect the wild buffalo (Arna) and has been successfully protecting these animals. Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition will offer you all the chance to indulge yourself in this wonderland of planet earth.

How to Reach Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve?

  • Buses from Kathmandu to Biratnagar is available. Visitors can get off  before Laukhi and walk 3 km to the Reserve Headquarters which is marked by a signboard on the main road.
  • Air flight are also availabe from KTM-BIR .Later visitors can take bus or jeep  to the reach to reserve entrance shortly after Lauki.

Come plan this amazing bird watching tour with us to see for yourself what it feels like to indulge yourself in the best birds watching place of this planet.

General Information

  • Name-Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
  • Location-Eastern Terai
  • Area Covered-175km2
  • Established-1976 A.D
  • Altitude- 75-81
  • Other Name- Bird Watcher’s Paradise

Image Credit: Bijay Chaurasia

  1. Day 1 Arrival

    You will arrive at the reserve and will be transferred to the hotel. After checking one, you will be guided for short bird watching tour in the reserve, so make sure you have you camera with you. Dinner and Accommodation

  2. Day 2 Bird Watching and Exploration

    Your third day at the reserve is for peculiar bird watching experience. The bird watching will start from early morning. You will go for jungle walk into the woods enjoying every moment of it. The pack lunch at the nature setting will be served to you where you can view the exotic birds like Swamp Partridge, Black Necked Stork. After satisfying with the bird watching experience you can for elephant back safari but if you don’t feel like riding on the animal, 4 wheeler vehicles are there to help. The animals like Blue Bull, Hog Deer,etc are some of the animals to look for. Dinner and Accommodation at Evening

  3. Day 3 Departure

    Early morning breakfast and departure to next destination